The food and drink served by the tuckshop at Cambooya State School is both healthy and tasty and our students love it!

Our tuckshop is open once per week, depending on the availability of volunteers to run the tuckshop. Currently we hold tuckshop Wednesday and Thursday alternatively, although if volunteers are not available those days, then it may fall on another day. Tuckshop day is announced in the newsletter every Monday and the date is displayed when you place your order through our online ordering system QuickCliq.

All tuckshop orders can only be made online via QuickCliq. It is easy to set up and once set up, provides a simple way to place orders. No need to find cash on tuckshop morning! An account can be set up by going to, then click on the 'Parents' tab and follow the instructions—you need an email address to set up your QuickCliq account. Once your account is set up, you need to enter your children's names individually and their classes. If you need help, please contact our Tuckshop Convenor.

Each week you simply log in to your QuickCliq account, select what your child wants for morning tea and lunch and submit your order. You can load up your QuickCliq account via credit card or direct debit.

Throughout the term we have special tuckshop days such as pizza day, subway day and fish and chip days. These will be announced in the newsletter each week.

We have a set menu for winter and summer with foods changing depending on the weather. Changes may also occur to the menu during the term, depending on availability of stock.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the menu or the running of the tuckshop please contact the Tuckshop Convenor Claire Fogarty on 0409 614 262.


We are always on the look out for volunteers for our tuckshop. It is an easy, fun way of doing your 'just one thing' for the school. Once a year, once a term or every second week! We only ask you to help out when you can. We understand you may work full time or have young children and are unable to help in the tuckshop—in this case you may be able to help out with some home bake. We just require approximately 30 serves of anything you would like to make such as slices, biscuits, cakes etc and we require it by 8:30/9:00 on the day of tuckshop.

If you are interested in helping with tuckshop, please download and complete our tuckshop volunteers form ​(PDF, 407KB) and return it to the school office. All of our tuckshop volunteers are a huge asset to our school and their hard work is very much appreciated by the kids at our school.  Everyone loves tuckshop day!

Last reviewed 02 September 2021
Last updated 02 September 2021